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Writing, painting and spending time alone enhances my inner world. The core of my artistic expression has always come from my desire to depict aspects of other dimensions that interweave with our own.

I started in Photography as a Still Photographer for the U.S. Air Force in 1976, in the darkroom and chemicals days. When the digital imagery scene took over, I took classes to learn the basics and am still continually thrilled with all the fabulous ways to create that I experience with all the software that's available! Over the years I've also enjoyed painting, drawing, drafting, graphics & design, television production, computer graphics and working as a freelance large format darkroom technician.

I'm pretty contemplative by nature and am almost always in what I like to call a state of "communion" with my inner world. Feeling this connection means more to me than anything else I can imagine, so I really enjoy expressing my art in ways that allow for a "response" from the medium. In painting, I adore the flow of watercolor the most.

I also dance, write songs, sing, dabble with my guitar, handpan & piano, make jewelry and am (of course) a "dog-mom" (O:

Since 2005, my partner and I have offered our various arts through our home studio; AMPM24-7 Photography & Productions.

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